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  • Contact Person:manager Yin
  • TEL:86-538-8530287 8155068
  • FAX:86-538-8530287 8155068
  • EMAIL:taiyinzhisi@163.com
  • ADD:Mata,Tai'an Shandong CHINA
  • Url:http://www.zgxgxw.com/
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Company Profiles
location: Taiyin official stand > company

    Taian Taiyin Silk Co. Ltd is located in the south of Mount Tai--Dawenkou Gypsum Industrial Park. Taiyin is a high-tech private company which acquires export authorization on silk and relevant products from the Ministry of Commerce. The main products are mulberry silk, twisted silk, crepe satin plain and spun silk yarn, etc. with specifications of 17/19D, 20/22D, 27/29D and so on. The quality ratings of those products are all 5A and above. The products are in demand in Beijing, Tianjin, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, etc. They are also exported to Japan, Korea, India, Malaysia, European Union and other countries and regions. Taiyin was formally founded in 1977. Through nearly 40 extraordinary years' development, the company eventually built a complete industrial chain: from raw material production to silk processing, from integrated development to domestic and international trading. It is based on cooperation among departments of processing, sales, marketing, agriculture, production and technology. The concept of technology and service run through the whole chain including the process of silkworm distribution, silkworm cultivation, cocoon collection, silk twisting, silk production, sales and marketing. Especially in 2011, the company would like to adjust to the new worldwide development trend of silk industry and enhance the competition of traditional silk industry. It is also a correct cutting point to shift from labor intensive to funding and IT intensive so as to extend the industry chain and optimize the industry structure. With foresighted views company leaders considered current opportunities and made a great decision to open up a new deep-processing project in Dawenkou Gypsum Industrial Park. This project aimed to yearly produce 300 tons of twisted silk and 300 tons of crepe satin plain. It was budgeted with 75 mu of land and 72 million Yuan of investment. Within the budgeted area there are twisted silk production department, crepe satin plain production department, general administrative office and staff apartments, etc. Up until now, an impressive and modern brand new Taiyin company stands in Dawenkou Gypsum Industrial Park. When the new project is into operation, the yearly sales income can reach 380 million Yuan. This project is also able to support for 25 thousand of farmer households. The twisted silk project will enhance the core competition of Taiyin. It will be a milestone in the history of Taiyin that it is entering into a completely new development road. Moreover, this project will help Taiyin to fulfill the goal of being the largest silk production company around the whole Jiangbei District.
    Meanwhile, company pays attention to improve its social welfare and spiritual culture apart from economic development. In 2006, Taiyin was rewarded as provincial high-tech company from Department of Science and Technology of Shandong Province and Leading Enterprise in Agriculture Industrialization from People's Government of Taian. In 2008, Taiyin was rewarded as Key Leading Enterprise in Agriculture Industrialization from People's Government of Shandong Province. In September 2007, "Xuemei" brand of silk was rewarded as Best Brand in Shandong which is a breakthrough of Taian silk industry. In September 2008, the trademark of "Xuemei" was formally rewarded as "Shandong Famous Brand" by Shandong Administrative Bureau for Industry and Commerce.